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Learn how to file returns.
File Returns
Navigating the Returns Dashboard
Tracking Return Status
Viewing e-Filed Returns
Filing GSTR-1
Filing GSTR-1A
Filing GSTR-2
Viewing GSTR-2A
Filing GSTR-3B
Filing GSTR-3B Nil Return
Filing GSTR-5
Filing GSTR-5A
Filing GSTR-6
Viewing GSTR-6A
Utilizing Electronic Cash and Input Tax Credit (ITC)
Submitting Transition Forms
Receiving Intimation of ITC Blocked by Tax Official
Filing ITC Forms

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Know how to enrol/ register with GST

Applying for Registration
Suo Moto Registration
Multiple Verticals
Viewing Saved Applications
Filing Clarification
Viewing Submitted Applications
Tracking Application Status
Opting for Composition Scheme
Withdrawing from Composition Levy
Intimation of Stock Details by Migrated Taxpayers Opting for Composition Levy
Amendment of Registration
Resetting E-mail and Mobile Number of Authorized Signatory
Applying for Cancellation of Provisional Registration
Applying for Cancellation of Registration Application (FORM GST REG-16)

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Find steps on registering using DSC, E-Sign, Electronic Verification Code (EVC).

Logging in for first time
Logging in with Username and Password
Retrieving Username
Retrieving Password
Changing Password
Installing emSigner
Registering DSC
Updating DSC
Authenticating using E-Signature and EVC
Troubleshooting DSC Issues, gst portal, gst government site, View Taxpayer's Dashboard

Learn to access your dashboard to download certificates and notices.

Viewing and Downloading Notices and Orders
Viewing and Downloading Notices and Orders issued by the Tax Officials
Viewing and Downloading Certificates
Viewing User Profile
Viewing My Submissions
Searching for Taxpayers
Searching for Taxpayers who have Opted In/ Out of the Composition Scheme
Searching a GST Practitioner
Engaging/ Dis-engaging a GST Practitioner
Searching HSN/ SAC Tax Rates
Viewing GST Law
Viewing Holiday List
Managing API Access

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Know how to generate a Challan, make payment and view Electronic Cash Ledger.

Making GST Payments
Creating Challans
Accessing My Saved Challans
Making Online Payment
Making Offline Payment
Tracking Payment Status
Cancelling Over the Counter (OTC) Challan
List of Authorized Banks
Troubleshooting Payment Related Issues
Filing Payment Related Grievances (PMT-07)

View Ledgers

Find the steps to view the balance in Electronic Cash Ledger.
Viewing the Electronic Cash Ledger
Viewing the Electronic Credit Ledger
Viewing the Electronic Liability Register

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