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GST Return Filing, File GST Return, Submit GST Return in chennai

You can view and track returns filed on the GST Portal. Watch this training kit to know complete process of viewing and tracking returns.
Viewing e-Filed Returns
Creating the Statement of Outward Supplies - GSTR-1
Details of auto drafted supplies of goods or services - GSTR-1A
Creating the Statement of Inward Supplies - GSTR-2
Viewing the draft of all the Inward Supplies - GSTR-2A
Creating, Submitting, Paying Taxes & Filing of GSTR-3B
Filing GSTR-3B Nil Return
Creating, Submitting and Filing details in the Form GSTR-5
Creating, Submitting, Paying Taxes & Filing of GSTR-5A
Creating, Submitting and Filing details in the Form GSTR-6
Viewing the draft of all the Inward Supplies - GSTR-6A
Utilizing the Electronic Cash and Electronic Credit Ledger (ITC Ledger) to discharge return-related liabilities
Receiving Intimation of ITC Blocked by Tax Official in Electronic Credit Ledger
Filing GST Form ITC-01
Filing GST Form ITC-02

GST Registration, Register with GST

You can enrol with GST as an existing taxpayer. Watch this training kit to know complete process of enrolment with GST.

You can register with GST as a Normal Taxpayer/ Composition/ Casual Taxable Person/ Input Service Distributor/ SEZ Developer/ SEZ Unit/ Tax Deductor at Source or Tax Collector at Source. Watch this training kit to know complete process of registering with GST.

Normal Taxpayer (FORM GST REG-01)
Casual Taxable Person
Input Service Distributor (ISD)
Non Resident Taxable Person
Non-Resident Online Services Provider
UN Body/ Embassy/ Other Notified Persons
Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Developer/ Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Unit
Tax Deductor at Source (TDS)/ Tax Collector at Source (TCS)

Applying for GST Registration Under Composition Scheme

You can apply for GST Registration under Composition scheme. Watch this training kit to know complete process of registration under Composition scheme.

GST Offline Tools, GST online filing, GST Return filing

Learn how to upload invoices through GST Offline Tool to file returns.

Downloading, Installing and Uploading Invoices in GSTR-1/ Taking Actions in GSTR-2
Preparing GSTR-3B
Preparing GSTR 4 using Offline Utility
Preparing GSTR-11 using Offline Utility
Preparing ITC-01 using Offline Utility
Preparing ITC-04 using Offline Utility
Preparing TRAN-1 using Offline Utility
Preparing TRAN-2 using Offline Utility
Learn how to upload invoices through GST Offline Tool to file returns.

GST courses, GST course in Chennai

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GST Practitioner

Learn to enrol as a GST Practitioner and accept or reject a taxpayers' request.

Enrolling as a GST Practitioner
Viewing List of Taxpayers
Accepting and Rejecting Taxpaye

GST-Training |GST Certification Program | GST Courses | GST

Learn how to generate User ID for Advance Ruling and GST-Training, GST Courses.

GST advanced course, GST consultant course

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Apply for GST Refund, FILING GSTR-1

Learn how to apply for refund.

Filing Table 6A of Form GSTR-1
Applying for Refund on Account of Assessment/ Provisional Assessment/ Appeal/ Any Other Order
Viewing Submitted or Saved Application for Refund
Tracking Refund Status

File GST Return filing Grievance

Learn how to file a grievance.

Complete GST Course & Certification - Grow Your CA Practice

GST Professional. This course provides you advanced skills in GST to improve career opportunities. Get professional training in GST and Grow Your CA Practice. GST Certification Course Training Institute - GST Classes in
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GST course in chennai, ambattur, anna nagar, nungambakkam, Attend our Accounts Tax GST E-filing Course to get practical knowledge of various taxes like GST. Goods & Services Tax (GST). This course is designed to provide trainees with a firm grounding of GST concepts. Trainees will be exposed to real life examples .