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Filing of GSTR 10 (Final Return) on GST portal

• 02/11/2018
A webinar has been scheduled on 2nd November 2018 at 4pm IST on the topic Filing of GSTR 10 (Final Return) on GST portal in Hindi Language

Taxpayers to file Refund for Multiple Tax period

• 16/10/2018
Advisory for Taxpayers to file Refund for Multiple Tax period

TDS Deductors Registration & Payment

• 03/10/2018
Learning Material for TDS Deductors (Part 1 - Registration & Payment)
• 03/10/2018
Learning Material for TDS Deductors (Part 2 - Returns Filing)

GSTPs, GST Practitioner Examination

• 19/09/2018
Examination for confirmation of GSTPs to be conducted by NACIN on 31.10 2018
• 19/09/2018
Guidelines for Deduction and Deposit of TDS by DDOs under GST
• 31/08/2018
Facility to download GSTR-2A in excel is now available

GSTR-4 offline tools

• 10/04/2018
New version of GSTR-4 offline tools (V2.1) is now available on portal

• 19/03/2018
Advisory for change in taxpayer type from SEZ to Regular or Regular to SEZ.

• 06/03/2018
Important: New version of GSTR-4 offline tool is now available.

GSTR-3B Return Filing

• 22/02/2018
Advisory to Taxpayers on Improved GSTR-3B Return Filing Process

• 12/02/2018
Advisory to Exporters for filing Table 6A of GSTR-1 on GST Portal

• 12/02/2018
Advisory to the Exporters filing for Refund

• 10/02/2018
After closure of migration facility, the "Search by GSTIN/UIN" utility should be used for searching either newly registered or fully migrated taxpayers.

• 28/12/2017
Attention: Last dates of filing various forms.

• 28/12/2017
GSTR1 of following months after July also has been enabled, you may now enter the details of exports in table 6A of GSTR1,while filing GSTR1 of the respective tax periods.

• 20/12/2017
Advisory: Step by Step guide for filing Form GST TRAN 2 form.

• 18/12/2017
Advisory for Taxpayers Filing of Quarterly Returns FORM GSTR1.

• 08/12/2017
Advisory - If you opt for reset of GSTR3B, late fee inadvertently gets visible for months for which it has been waived off.

• 18/10/2017
Information to taxpayers regarding Late fee amount shown in GSTR 3B of September, 2017.

• 12/10/2017
Advisory for Discrepancy in summary of invoices and other details displayed in the Offline tool and that shown in the excel sheet.

• 12/10/2017
Advisory for Discrepancy between summary shown in Offline Tool and that in the Tile, on the Form GSTR-1 at the GST Portal after uploading of json file.