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GST Tax Academy is a training institute which offer Diploma in GST expert Certificate in accordance with latest industry trends – trainings are offered by well experienced GST professionals. We provide high quality GST training in Chennai which improves your knowledge and gives an edge to start your career as GST PRACTIONER or GST CONSULTANT in Chennai or anywhere in India. GST Course Objectives, GST Course Target Audience , GST Business Registration, GST Business Returns, Filing of Returns, Tax Return Prepares, GST Accounts and Records, GST Tax Invoice , Tax Professionals.


The course will provide the knowledge and tools necessary for Industry to understand the requirements under GST and how to comply with these requirements.

GST Course Objectives

• Provide an overall understanding of the GST Law covering its implementation, compliance and enforcement • Understanding on how GST would impact the functioning of your organization and changes in business process required for compliance with the new law • Practical knowledge of the different procedures required under GST such as Registration, Filing of Returns, availing Input Tax Credit, TDS, compliance and refunds FICCI

GST Training Course on Goods and Services Tax (GST)

GST Methodology

A judicious mix of class room presentations, exercises, group discussion, real-life case studies and hands-on practice will be used. Participants will be encouraged to relate the learning to live situations. Participants will be given post course assessment so that they can actually see the GAP they have covered from this training. On completion of the 3 day training program the participants will be issued a certificate by FICCI.

GST Course Target Audience

– SMEs
– Business Owners
– Traders/Manufacturers/Service Providers
– Finance and Accounts Personnel
– Business Heads
– Tax Professionals
– Consultants
– Charted Accountants
– Taxation Lawyers

GST Course, GST Tax Professionals Content

Overview of GST and Model GST Law (CGST & SGST)
• Constitutional Provisions
• Taxable Event - Supply
• Destination Principle
• Concurrent Dual GST
• Composition Levy
• Taxable Persons
• Casual Taxable Persons
• Non-resident Taxable Persons
• ISD Concept
• Role of technology and GSPs
• Role of GST Practitioners
• Compliance Rating

Meaning/Scope of Supply of Goods and Services

• Definition
• Intra-State and Inter-State Supply
• Exempted and Zero-rated Supply
• Mixed and Composite Supply Time of Supply and Valuation of Supply of Goods and Services Change in rate of Tax GST Business Process – Registration
• Legal Provisions
• Migration of existing dealers/assesses
• Fresh Registration, Amendment, Cancellation and Surrender & Revocation
• Transitional Provisions relating to Registration

GST Return Filing, GST Tax Return Preparer

• Filing of Returns
• Types of Returns and Formats
• Input Tax Credit and its matching
• Tax Return Prepares

GST Accounts and Records

GST Tax Invoice, Credit/Debit Notes and Payment
Place of Supply of Goods and Services

• Domestic Supplies
• International Supplies

Overview of IGST Act

Electronic Commerce and Job work
Transitional provisions of Job work
• E-commerce operator
• Liability to Pay
• Non-resident taxpayer

Input Tax Credit, ISD, Cross utilization of IGST, Funds Transfer and Transitional Provisions
Demands and Recovery
Assessment and Audit
Appeals and Revision
Inspection, Search, Seizure and Arrest
Detention, Confiscation of Goods and Conveyances, Prosecution, Offences and Penalties, Compounding

Front end business process for GSTN

• Interface between companies and GSTN
• Role of GSPs
• Role of GSTPs
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